Branding strategies are an important component of any business’ marketing activities. In a competitive market, it is important to identify a desired brand image and take steps to cement that image in the minds of consumers through consideration of product, price, place and promotional strategies.

Understand Client Needs and Desires

While many business owners believe that they determine their brand, the reality is that customers define the brand based on their interactions and experiences. Clearly understanding customer and non-customer needs and desires can help business owners create experiences that lead to their desired brand image. For instance, a business owner who wishes to nurture an upscale image would need to convey this through not only logo, signage and marketing materials, but through how personnel are dressed, the store design and every element of the customer experience. First, though, they must understand what is important to their customers; this can be determined through one-on-one conversation, observation or through formal surveys.

Engage Customers in Reinforcing the Brand.

Patrons can help to reinforce the brand by becoming brand ambassadors. Those who have a positive experience will tell others and, through word-of-mouth, both business and brand support will go. This can be encouraged through customer referral programs that offer incentives to patrons who recommend new customers, or simply by asking satisfied customers to spread the word about the services. Brand management is an ongoing process that starts and ends with the customer. The more you can do to cement their support of your brand, the better the odds that they will share positive experiences that can help to reinforce your brand identity.

Rebranding: Your Marketing Plan 10-point Checklist

  1. Why is your salon rebranding?
  2. What problem are you attempting to solve?
  3. Has there been something that changed in the industry that hurt your regular customer visits and figures?
  4. Have your regular customer type changed?
  5. What image do you wish to show? To whom?
  6. Have your customers needs changed and you need to follow?
  7. Is your business name and brand associated with something that is no longer meaningful (or perhaps might be confused with something negative)?
  8. Are you about to follow a trend or go somewhere completely new?
  9. Will this rebranding work in 3 to 5 years from now (based on what you can anticipate)?
  10. If you were launching your first business today, would this be the branding you would come up with?

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