MyBusiness Software is a premium business management system designed for the all industries by people with more than 40 years’ experience.

MyBusiness Software is primarily a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programme, to which we have added staff management and motivation, stock management, expense control, marketing and essential KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to guide you in building a successful business.

Our back-up and support has earned us an enviable reputation in the industry and we continue to strive to raise the bar when it comes to service and to just be nice people to do business with.

What is the true value of computer software?2021-09-13T13:46:31+02:00

The information you generate becomes the intellectual value of your business. Having up to date information on Key Performance Indicators gives you total control. It also adds 20% to the market value of your business should you ever wish to sell.

What if I can’t afford to buy?2021-09-13T13:46:21+02:00

Here at MyBusiness Software we offer a range of options catering to all sizes of businesses. We offer a purchase option or a rent option on all versions of the software. Contact us and we can assist you in checking which option is best for you. 

How long does it take to be up and running?2021-09-13T13:46:08+02:00

That depends on your computer skills and how soon you have completed the training. You can normally start generating useful information from day one. The MyBusiness Software team helps where it can by preloading stock and retail products of all major suppliers.

What hardware do I need?2021-09-13T13:45:54+02:00

MyBusiness Software works on any modern PC or laptop and also works with tablets and smart phones.

Today’s entry level computers are more than adequate for a single user provided it has a minimum of 4Gigs of Ram and an i3 or i5 processor.

For MyBusiness Software on-line you will need to have a stable Internet connection via a router or Wi-Fi.

What is the difference between a PC based system and an on-line system?2021-09-13T13:45:39+02:00

To use an on-line system you will need to have a permanent, stable Internet connection. 

The advantages of going on-line are that you can log in to your system from anywhere and with any smart device such as a PC, tablet or cell phone.

There is much more security on an on-line system as there is no need to keep backing up your data, which needs to be done on a PC, based system. In addition with the on-line system, if your computer is stolen or it crashes, you can immediately be up and running simply by using another device.

What sort of software should I look for?2021-09-13T13:45:14+02:00

Always buy industry specific software which functions according to your needs.

80% of your needs are going to be operational i.e. appointments, customers, POS, sms marketing, stock etc. so there is no need to invest in an expensive accounting package.

Buy local. Not only is it a good thing to support South African business, but the price and back-up and support are normally quicker and better value for money.

Why is a computer better than a manual system?2021-09-13T13:44:58+02:00

The simple answer is time. When your business is small it takes a certain amount of time to do cash-ups, order stock, pay salaries. When you grow by 500% it will take so much longer to track your business manually while a computer system will take the same time as when you were small.

At what stage is my business large enough to computerise?2021-09-13T13:44:52+02:00

It’s never too small. In reality businesses should be computerised from day one. The information generated by a computer system form the brickwork with which you build a successful business.


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ALETTA PARRYGeneral Manager
BRYAN HARTTechnical Manager
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